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3. Travel Time To The Fishing Grounds

Once you leave port the distance we travel to the fishing grounds will be based on a couple of factors, primarily the length of your fishing trip and fishing conditions. There is a protected area that runs 2 miles along the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez as we leave the marina, so we can’t fish as soon as we leave. Our maximum fishing range in Cabo San Lucas is about 25 miles from port on a full day trip. This will depend on sea conditions and size of the vessel you charter. Sometimes the fishing is good close to shore in the morning (especially if you ask for inshore fishing for Dorado, Yellowtail etc..) and we can have lines in the water in as little as 20 minutes, other times, especially if you are after bigger fish or during Tuna season, you might have to travel up to an hour before lines are out.  We rely on the fishing reports from the previous days or simply on the crews experience (our captains average over 20 years fishing experience in Cabo). While you are traveling you might see the mates start to set up the fishing poles, prepare the bait, set up the outriggers etc.  This is a good time to get your cameras set, slap on some sunscreen, have a cold one and enjoy the scenery, sunrises can be spectacular here.

Frequently asked question:  Why do the captain and mates sit up in the bridge and stay there as we head out or while we are trolling? 

The Captain and mate are doing everything they can to gather information. They may be monitoring the radio for reports of good fishing, setting GPS coordinates, checking the fish finders, water temperature or simply scanning the waters for active fish, dolphin, birds etc. The bridge is designed to be higher for spotting fish or other signs of good fishing from long distances, this is the main responsibility of the Captain of a fishing charter, and 2 or 3 sets of eyes are always better than one. He is your guide and while it might seem like he is just driving the boat, he is actively using his experience, crew and fishing knowledge to find fish.

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