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4. Fishing Methods in Cabo

99.9% of the fishing here is done using trolling methods. All of the great pictures of fish you see on our fishing report page have been caught using trolling methods, with a few exceptions. Trolling is simply the boat pulling lines behind it with lures, live bait and teasers to attract fish. Some boats will have as many as  7 lines in the water at a time. Some are very close to the back of the boat, this might seem weird, but it is standard procedure. Some of these lines are trolling teasers or dredges, designed to simply attract fish to the surface so that they will bite on other lines that have live bait or trolling lures.  People often think its just the crew being lazy since… what fish would bite that close to the boat? Again..it is standard procedure and designed to simply attract fish.

Many people have fished in other parts of the world or watched shows on TV where the boats are anchored, lines are dropped and fishing happens. This is not the case here for the vast majority of the species that we catch. Even inshore fishing is done the same way, by trolling. This is the most effective way to catch fish here in Cabo San Lucas. There are times when we “live cast” meaning the mate or even you (If you are experienced and want to give it a shot, just let the mate know) will cast live bait at fish on the surface.

We do not: drop anchors for fishing, unless a pre arranged shark fishing expedition is arranged or there is another really specialized fishing trip planned.

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