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What happens if the fish aren’t biting?

We would love to tell you that the fish are always biting….but here is the truth. Our charter captains are extremely experienced, they have most likely been fishing the same waters, in the same general areas with the same equipment and tackle for days- because it is working and they are catching fish. Similar to lake fishing, you go out one day and your favorite top water lure works great, then again the second day, but on the third day suddenly it stops producing strikes. How long do you use the lure that worked great 2 days in a row? Do you switch to a diving Rapala? This is why its fishing, you can only do so much based on your experience. What color is the water? What depth are you fishing? What time of day? What moon phase? What is the current…on and on. You might go an hour with no bites and start asking, why isn’t the crew changing tackle? Why haven’t they changed the live bait? Why do we seem to be going in circles?

Answer: The crews often have electronics that tell them that fish are in the area. Sometimes they spot fish, sometimes they see the birds or dolphin, sometimes fish strike the bait or lures and don’t swallow, sometimes fish just don't bite.

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