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6. Handling of Your Fish

You landed your fish..congratulations!

So now what to do? Here are your options:

 Release the fish. This is our recommendation for any fish you don’t plan on eating…especially any bill fish. We wont tell you what to do, its your money and its your fish, but releasing the fish is the best of all options. We can get the fish close, even bring it on board for a quick picture and then safely release it.

Keep the fish. If you plan on keeping it, we have a full fillet station back at the docks where your fish can be properly cleaned and filleted. We also have vacuum sealing equipment so that you can take your fish back home with you. Prices vary depending on size and amount of fish from $3.00 per fish to $2.50 a pound for full vacuum sealing. The fleet managers at the docks will be able to help you get your fish processed.

Reminder: Crews fish almost everyday and have freezers full of fish. Please do not keep fish for the crews sake. We are also strictly prohibited from selling, brokering or making any financial gain from your catch.

You can have your fish mounted. You can release a fish and have a replica made (recommended), or you can bring the fish to the docks and have a real skin mount made. We have world class taxidermy shops in Cabo that have representatives at the docks to help. The crew will also help before you get back, if you let them know that you are interested in  mounting. Please note: mounting is not cheap and mounting big fish can cost thousands of dollars once you add in shipping, ask us before killing an animal please.

You can choose to have your fresh fish prepared at the marina. There are many great restaurants that will take your fresh catch and prepare a feast for you. This typically costs anywhere from $8.00 to $20.00 per person depending on the place. We recommend our amigos at Mis Suenos restaurant. Your catch is prepared 5 or 6 different ways, blackened, ceviche, grilled, fried etc.. it is a great way to enjoy your catch.

Frequently asked question? What do I need for transporting fish back home?

We have everything you need. From coolers to dry ice; you can find it in Cabo San Lucas at the marina. Your airline is used to having fish on as cargo, check with your airline for any specific restrictions, but most will allow transport for properly packaged fish. We will be able to help with the process.

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