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What is the difference between inshore and offshore trips?

On the central pacific of Costa Rica, inshore trips are generally done within 20 to 25 miles of the marina. They are usually within sight of land, and target roosterfish, snappers, grouper, mackerals, amberjacks, trevally’s and other types of jacks- Usually by Live baiting, jigging, casting poppers and lures (and sometimes trolling). Occasionaly it is possible to catch sailfish and dorado, or rarely even a marlin inshore fishing.

Offshore trips are generally are done 25 miles or more offshore from the marina. They target marlin, sailfish, dorado, tunas, wahoo usually by trolling teasers, baits, and lures. Depending on conditions, we may also live bait,  jig, or cast poppers offshore as well.

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