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2. Heading Out To The Fishing Grounds

Before heading out to open waters, you will make a stop at the port authority where the mate will hand the authorities your fishing licenses. This is required to keep a log of anyone out on the water and to ensure that you are properly licensed. All passengers over 12 years of age, whether they plan to fish or not, must have a fishing license.

Your next stop will be at the bait pangas. We do not have a bait farm here and all live bait is caught daily and sold to all the boats heading out to fish. The live bait is included in the cost of your charter (with the exception of Sushi Time). There are times when live bait is gone, especially if you leave late (after 9 AM). There are other times when the Captain might suggest purchasing more bait, if the fishing is really good and he feels you might need it.  There may be times when some or very little of your live bait is used, many times fish will bite on the tackle we use. Live bait is used primarily when we spot fish on the surface or when there are large schools of fish and multiple hook ups are in order. This happens primarily during strong Tuna or Dorado bites.  Fish here are often more attracted to the lures, feathers and other tackle we use to catch fish.

Your crew will often leave a bait out long after expiring, this is because there is no active fish in the area and killing a live bait doesn’t make sense at that moment. Please trust that your crew is extremely experienced.

Frequently asked question: Can we help setup or get involved with the bait prep or rigging process?

Absolutely. If you are an experienced angler, let your mate know that you would like to help or learn what's going on. They are more than happy to show you or let you do your thing. Please let us know when you book that you would like to be hands on, so that we can inform the crew. Tackle is pre-rigged on leaders, but live bait rigging happens live.

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