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Why do charters seem expensive here?

It is not cheap to buy, keep, operate and maintain a boat; especially in Costa Rica.  In order to be a legal charter boat, it must be a Costa Rican flagged (documented) vessel, which involves paying a 33% duty on the boats value, plus registration, licenses insurance and other legal fees to start. Then you have a slip in the marina, yearly costs to keep legal and keep the crew around. Everything needed to maintain an charter operation - parts, tackle, etc, goes through customs and has duty added on. Whether you buy it here or ship it in. Most marine/boat items purchased here cost 2 to 3 times more than you would pay in the USA.

Gas and diesel are almost $2 more per gallon than most places in the states, and boats use a lot of it.

All charters here supply food and beverages, which most charters elsewhere do not. That is about $120 of the price of a typicall 4-person charter.

Baits cost $1.50 each and we usually carry 35-50 premium fresh baits, ready to go, per day offshore. They cannot be frozen and reused as quality baits.

We assure you, that you do not want to fish with a budget operation that skimps on tackle, bait, food, maintenance, safety gear, or fuel.

There are discount booking operations that solicit tourists on the main strip in Jaco, with big promises and what seem like cheaper price. They are happy to get a one-time customer. Most push cheaper boats moored in the bay, which are poorly maintained and outfitted; and with crew that is not proficiently bi-lingual, skilled or professional enough to work in the marina. They rarely run more than 10 to 12 miles offshore, when the real bite is 20-40. They will not get you to the world class action Costa Rica is known for.

We strive to provide a premium fishing experience aboard our boats. If all options are outside your budget, let us know, and we will let you know the best options for your price range.

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