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How to Build A Charter

Step 1 - Select Your Date.  If a trip already exists on your selected date, we'll show you the offering.  If your date is open, we'll start building your custom fishing experience.
Step 2 - Pick your Trip Type from the list.  You'll find 1/2 day, full day, inshore, offshore, and many other variations.  Each boat has custom trip types, shop around to find what you're looking for.
Step 3 - Now tell us how you want to book.  Shared trips allow you to find other anglers to split the cost - as more join you the price drops and everyone pays the same price.  Private charters are just for you and your guests - these trips are immediately discounted for you.  If you're not quite ready to buy simply "Watch This Trip" - your settings will be saved and shared on our site.  When others watch the trip or book a seat, you'll be alerted with an email.
Step 4 - If your start a shared trip, pick the number of spots and click "Book Now".  Remember, booking is quick and risk free for the first two spots.  You do not pay anything until a minimum of 3 anglers are booked, saving everyone money.
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