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How the checkout process works.

Checkout is an easy, 3 step process.  

Step 1

Tell us who you are and create an account.  If you already have an account you can log in to bypass this step.

Step 2

Tell us who will be fishing.  If you are purchasing multiple seats we need to know who will be fishing in your group.

Step 3

Review your purchase and amount due.  If you are booking risk free spots there will be no charge at this time.  We only collect your deposit when your trip is confirmed to fish.

Coupons & Credits

If you have a coupon or credit code, enter it now.  Codes must be used at checkout and cannot be applied after you have booked.  

Billing Information

Provide your billing information.  We require a valid credit card even for risk free seats.  Our system will automatically collect your deposit and balance amounts when due.  

Next Steps

Wahoo, you are now booked.  From the confirmation screen you have several options.  

Risk Free Bookings

If your trip is still in the Risk Free stage you can book another day on the same boat, find another boat in the same area, or promote your deal on social media.  

Confirmed Bookings

If you have joined a confirmed trip you can print your ticket, book another trip, or visit your account dashboard.

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